Reflective Teaching in Schools, Fifth Edition

Cover of Reflective Teaching in Schools, Fifth Edition

This comprehensive, rigorous and thoughtful book provides wise advice, stimulation, and research evidence to support the successful development of those embarking one of the most important jobs in the world. Developed over three decades, it is a cornerstone of preparation for teaching excellence. 

Becky Francis Director of the UCL Institute of Education, UCL, UK

An essential companion for all teachers...It provides practical advice rooted in evidenced based and informed practice. The wide range of suggestions for activities in the classroom, allows for the development and improvement of professional practice and ultimately outcomes for all pupils regardless of ability.

Monita Atkinson Director of Carmel College Teaching School Alliance, UK

A seminal text for education students, developing professionals and experienced practitioners. As a teacher educator I return to this text on a regular basis.

Richard Holme Lecturer in Education, University of Dundee, UK

A core text for initial teacher education and professional learning courses in education. This excellent new edition continues to provide a comprehensive and contemporary guide to educational issues of key concern to teachers in the UK and Ireland.

James Nelson PGCE Director, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Teachers at every stage of their professional development will benefit enormously from the comprehensive and engaging content...Particularly useful for all teachers are the new Toolkit Evidence and Research Briefings at the end of each main chapter which offer insightful and accessible summaries of the key findings and practical implications of influential research studies.

Noel Purdy Director of Research & Scholarship, Stranmillis University College, UK

A very valued and extensively utilised teaching resource ... Comprehensive yet easy to use book with a rigorous and wide-ranging use of literature to aid the reader in reflecting on practice and devising the best strategies to use in their teaching.

Ruth Seabrook Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Roehampton, UK

The use of case study examples communicates the message that teacher development is an ongoing process and brings the theories to life, providing a meaningful context through which the research can be viewed.

Carmen Mohamed Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham, UK

This book provides the reader with a diverse range of key concepts in education and schooling, it will be a useful reference for educators at many stages of their careers.

David Thompson Senior Lecturer in Education Studies, University of Wolverhampton, UK

A wealth of useful information, thought-provoking activities and relevant examples that can be put to good use by trainees, newly-qualified and established practitioners, and I will continue to use it with my students.

Rob Kearsley Bullen Strand Leader for Secondary Maths, Nottingham Trent University, UK
Fifth Edition
592 pages
Publication date
November 2018

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