17. Professionalism

Analysing our practice


Professionalism in the Post-Compulsory and Higher Education sector is a multifaceted and complex term and sometimes it is hard to pinpoint the exact essence of what it is to be professional. The chapter interrogates modes of professionalism, the importance of professional development and the acquisition of new knowledge.

Jocelyn Robson considers what 'professionalism' may mean and ways in which 'professionalism' has been studied. She goes on to consider:

  • professional standards, training and qualifications
  • professional identities and communities
  • opportunities and strategies for professional development and renewal
  •  key debates in the literature and the most significant policy developments
  •  the main challenges currently facing the teaching profession in further and higher education.

Robson, J. (2007) Teacher Professionalism in Further and Higher Education: Challenges to Culture and Practice. Routledge. London.

Research Briefings

Diagrams and figures