13. Assessment

Assessment, learning and teaching

Classroom strategies


Effective assessment for learning (AfL) strategies are essential.  This chapter discusses assessment from a variety of perspectives and provides classroom strategies for teachers to implement.

This practical text has been written in response to the development of national standards for teachers and trainers in Further Education by FENTO:

Tummons, J. (2005) Assessing Learning in Further Education. Learning Matters. London.

A paper that reports on the need for clarity in assessment procedures, processes and criteria.  This has underpinned widespread use of coaching, practice and provision of formative feedback to boost achievement.  Such transparency encourages instrumentalism:

Torrance, H (2007) 'Assessment as learning? How the use of explicit learning objectives, assessment criteria and feedback in post-secondary education and training can come to dominate learning', Assessment In Education: Principles, Policy & Practice, V14, I3, p. 281, Taylor and Francis. Online [http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09695940701591867

Research Briefings

Diagrams and figures