Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education, Fifth Edition

Cover of Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education, Fifth Edition

An instant FAVE for those teaching in further, adult and vocational education ... It can be used as a powerful reference book and is full of current thinking, research, policy and practice ... [A] real insight into the world of further education.

inTuition (of the previous edition)

... a very readable and comprehensive overview of the challenges and dilemmas practitioners encounter working in varied and diverse contexts with adult learners.

Ann Swinney Senior Lecturer, University of Dundee, UK

This book makes two important contributions to the FAVE sector. First, it shows how values of social justice and personal empowerment impact learning and success. Second, it shows how professionalization of the field depends on clear vision, critical refection on practice, and passion to create equitable pedagogical and curricular changes.

Rosalind Latiner Raby Senior Lecturer, California State University, Northridge, USA

Mandatory reading for anyone who wishes to understand the FAVE sector or improve on their teaching practice.

Colin Ross Curriculum Manager, Education & Social Science, Ayrshire College, UK

A great resource that will encourage you to question, challenge and extend your thinking, individually and with colleagues.

Sandra-Jane Grier Lead Curriculum and Teaching, College Development Network, UK

This is a treasure trove of useful insights, well-founded recommendations, and wise prompts for reflection exercises. A much needed handbook that will without a doubt contribute to increasing the quality of Adult Learning provision.

Graciela Sbertoli Secretary General, The European Basic Skills Network, Norway

... clearly and thoroughly explains the learning theories and models, and educational policies that influence day-to-day pedagogy, making it essential reading for new and more experienced teachers alike.

Suzanne Lynch Lecturer, City of Glasgow College, Scotland

Whether a new practitioner to the profession or a more experienced one, meeting the challenge of an ever changing sector, this book is a ‘must have’.

David McShane Head of Faculty, Supported Learning, New College Lanarkshire, Scotland
Fifth Edition
400 pages
Publication date
June 2020

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