To consider theory in relation to learning and practice


To consider theory in relation to learning and practice.

Evidence and reflection

Consider Vygotsky’s theory of learning in relation to children engaging with technology. Observe two or more children using a computer game or other suitable activity. How do they support each other? Is one child more competent? Do they support each other’s learning?


We know that technology will be radically different by the time the child reaches adulthood; indeed it is changing at a rapid pace almost from day to day. Consider what the child needs to know about technology (perhaps focus on the use of the computer you have already observed):

How important is skill development, e.g. use of the ‘mouse’? Now? In the future?

Is it more important for the child to know about technology, what it can and might do for us and how to make good use of whatever is available, but not necessarily practise the use of what will soon become redundant?

If they cannot use it, can they learn about it?

Look at the video ‘A magazine is an iPad that does not work’ on Youtube: