To plan to conduct a small piece of research in your setting


To plan to conduct a small piece of research in your setting.

Identify an issue to research

What additional dilemmas does your context/your role bring?

Dilemmas can occur at any level. Consider some that face those with leadership and management responsibilities. How might you resolve issues such as: high staff turnover; understanding of the need for high-quality staff but concerned that employing them might make costs so high that the setting is priced out of the market; ensuring that all staff have a working understanding of complex concepts such as sustained shared thinking; ensuring that all staff work together as a team; ensuring that parents’ views and voices are taken seriously even when they differ from those of the staff.


Plan your research. This book provides a practical guide to ways of reflecting on such issues. Indeed, it offers strategies and advice for developing the necessary expertise to resolve them. There are also two additional chapters at Resolution of such dilemmas will always be based on practitioner judgement. However, in contemporary education, the use of research evidence and performance data is now routinely used to augment (and sometimes challenge or refine) such judgements.