Reflective Teaching in Early Education, Second Edition

Cover of Reflective Teaching in Early Education, Second Edition

At a time of crisis and instability, young children need well informed, compassionate and critical advocates who recognise their responsibility to interpret 'top-down' policies and directives, accommodating the different needs of individual children. Reflective Teaching in Early Education offers an excellent, up-to-date resource for developing this engaged professionalism.

Rod Parker-Rees Visiting Research Fellow, University of Plymouth, UK

Essential literature for ECE professionals. By its unique, evidence-based orientation it recognizes reflective practice as a foundation in supporting child- centred practice in ECE settings.

Adrijana Visnjic-Jevtic Assistant Professor, Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagre

A great conduit for engaging practitioners & teachers in reflecting critically about teaching and learning in the early years, but also does much more. Almost every page offers case studies and reflective points that make the ideas come to life. In every chapter I found ideas that spurred my thinking and practice, and so will you.

Anna Colgan Early Childhood Lecturer, Abingdon and Witney College, Open University
Second Edition
504 pages
Publication date
January 2021

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