What skills do pupils need to evaluate information sources found by searching the internet?

Research taster

Pupils can search for extensive information on almost any topic using the Internet.   These searches can produce extensive numbers of information sources and pupils may need to develop critical approaches to evaluate the quality of the information they find.

Your evidence

Searching the internet is a demanding process for pupils and some pupils might be struggling with evaluating the information they find.  You might like to work with a colleague to identify the specific learning demands of the internet.  You could observe two small groups of learners of different abilities and try to identify:

Moving forward

Now you have a clear view of the demands of this task on your pupils, you may like to consider how different pupils will cope with these demands.  Are there particular groups or individuals that will need additional support?  Could you work with colleagues to develop strategies for supporting these pupils?  Might you invite pupils to coach and support each other?


The full project is InterActive Education: teaching and learning in the information age set out to answer a big question lead by Prof. Rosamund Sutherland, Prof. Susan Robertson, and Prof. Peter John.
The project website is at: http://www.interactiveeducation.ac.uk/

Read more about how teachers might influence students’ performance by providing them with information about the quality of their learning - http://www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/research/themes/assessment_for_learning/qualitygeog/