A large number of people have contributed to Reflective Teaching, Readings for Reflective Teaching and this website.  Andrew Pollard and the editorial team continue to appreciate and build on the legacy of Sarah Tann and Pat Triggs who worked on earlier editions.  Neil Simco and Janet Collins, in their former roles as members of the editorial team, have also contributed significantly to the books and resources.

Particular thanks go to the many teachers, headteachers, local authority advisers, researchers and other educationalists who have discussed with Andrew Pollard ideas that are contained in these books.  This process has continued since initial publication of the first edition of Reflective Teaching in 1987 and is always valued and appreciated. 

RTweb, the original website, was initiated by Mark Thomas, further developed by Richard Procter and hosted by the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies at Cambridge.  The new site - - is now directly supported by Bloomsbury on behalf of the editors.  The development team of Rob Tebb, Mat Johnson, Alison Baker and Rosie Pattinson have done a splendid job for which we are grateful.