Philosophical concepts


A value judgement made about an educational priority, often in respect of `what children need'.


A term often used in respect of children to denote topics or activities which they are thought to find attractive and around which a curriculum might be constructed. Also used to highlight the status, values or financial concerns of those involved in political struggles, for instance between teachers and conservative pressure groups in the late 1980s.


Entitlements to receive opportunities from others. For instance, of children in respect of the National Curriculum from schools, parents in respect of high quality schools from Governors and Local Education Authorities and teachers in respect of sound national and local education policies, structures and resources.


Obligations to provide opportunities to others. For instance, of schools to provide an appropriate curriculum, including the National Curriculum, to children, of parents to support teachers in their work for their children and of national and local government to provide sound national education policies, structures and resources.