Teaching strategies


Imparting knowledge, skill or understanding to enhance the development of a learner.


Watching a learner carefully to inform a judgement of their responses to a learning challenge.


Providing clarification in response to a learner's need.


Engaging with a learner in focused conversation on a learning topic with a view to enhancing their knowledge, skill, understanding or motivation.


Asking a learner questions to diagnose his or her existing level of knowledge, skill or understanding, or to gauge his or her attitude and motivation towards a learning challenge.


Holding a particular conversation with an individual pupil for the purpose of reviewing his or her learning progress and to plan future targets.


Providing appropriate support, often though instruction or explanation, which enables a child to construct understanding for themselves. Often thought of in association with Vygotsky's concept of the 'zone of proximal development'.


Ensuring that learning tasks are set at suitable levels of challenge in respect of pupils existing knowledge, skills and understanding.


Taking stock of teaching and learning, evaluating evidence and analysing strengths and weaknesses in classroom provision and teaching practices.