Elements of lessons


An early point of a lesson in which children are prepared for the topic they are to be taught.


An important, structuring or restructuring element of a lesson in which the teacher clarifies objectives, offers the pupils knowledge, skill and understanding of the subject and sets aims for tasks and/or activities. A phase which may be revisited if particular teacher support during a lesson is required.


A clearly defined structure for learning which has been set up by a teacher and which has a specified objective which is known to the pupil.


A relatively open ended structure for learning, often involving use of a resource or medium which has been provided by the teacher for general experiential purposes and within which children can often introduce their own objectives. More common with younger children.

Review (Plenary)

An opportunity to consider the processes and outcomes which have resulted from engagement in tasks and activities. In particular, pupils can articulate and hear about developments in knowledge, understanding and skill, thus leading to consolidation. The teacher can gather evidence to help them assess pupil progress which can be used in future lessons.


The use of homework is increasing as a strategy for raising standards and for preparing pupils for their SATS at the end of key stage 2. Homework can also be used as way of involving parents in their children's school learning, although not all parents are in a position to assist with the demands of homework.