Forms of assessment

Baseline assessment

Assessment procedures that can be used when children enter school for diagnostic purposes and to provide a base-line for later calculation of progress made and 'added value'.

Formative assessment

Continuous assessment, often in diverse, non-standardised forms, made for the purpose of informing on-going teaching.

Summative assessment

Assessment procedures, often at the end of a programme of teaching and of a consistent or standardised type, used to assess learning outcomes.

Self assessment

Assessment by a learner for the purpose of self-knowledge, reflection and self-improvement.

Teacher assessment (TA)

A form of formative assessment required of teachers by the Education Reform Act, the results of which are reported to parents.

Standardised Assessment Tests (SATs)

A form of summative assessment used to test pupil learning of the core subjects of the National Curriculum at the end of Key Stages. The results are reported to parents.