Useful links

The UK's General Teaching Councils (GTCs), each in their own way, aim to: raise the status of the teaching profession; provide a professional voice for teachers; listen to and work for teachers; and guarantee high standards of teaching and learning. These websites also have very useful link pages to other related sites in each country, and these are regularly updated.

The GTCs provide many excellent services from their websites. For example, ‘Research of the Month’ on the English GTC site (ROM), aims to bring teachers and researchers together through sharing evidence on teaching and learning. We also offer a link exchange facility for UK organisations of particular relevance.

Association for the Study of Primary Education (ASPE) supports teachers, academics and LEA educationalists in professional enquiry in relation to primary education. See:

National Primary Teacher Education Council (NaPTEC) is the UK organisation for teacher educators specialising in primary education. See:

Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP) is a major attempt to investigate teaching and learning across the lifecourse within the UK. See:


Other organisations, in the UK or elsewhere, are welcome to enquire about web-link exchanges.