Classroom teaching and society

At a time when many have argued that our education systems are too centralised and controlling, Stenhouse continues to have much to teach us on the role of the teacher in a democracy. He strikes an important balance between professional and personal responsibilities. See:

A text showing interesting continuities with Stenhouse’s vision is:

How do schools respond to these issues?

A thoughtful book addressing the role of the teacher in relation to citizenship is:

The significance of processes of professional mediation between centralised policy and local needs and circumstances is rehearsed in Chapter 1, section 2.7, of the Reflective Teaching text. It is also described in more detail within Osborn, McNess and Broadfoot (2000) (see above). The work of Woods and his colleagues has also been striking in showing how such mediation operates. See, for example:

For child-focused accounts and guidance on human rights education see: