To reflect on common forms of social differentiation and polarization


To reflect on common forms of social differentiation and polarization.

Evidence and reflection

Review the issues raised in Sections 3 and 4, and read Pollard's article on ‘social differentiation' in Reading 15.2. Eight aspects of classroom differentiation are raised, as is the multiplying effect of polarization within pupil culture. Consider each in turn as they may apply to your own classroom.

Choose one issue for particular attention, and target developments in your practice which you think will help you to provide more equal opportunities for your pupils. Try out your ideas for, say, a week. As you do this, identify the things which go well and consider how you were successful. Think about the things which did not go so well. Consider the difficulties you encounter and alternative approaches you could try.


You might like to consider the ways in which various forms of differentiation and polarization may interconnect. A specific focus helps to make development work manageable, but is likely to highlight other issues for further exploration. Pace classroom development work, reviewing and planning as you go.