To explore issues related to sexual harassment


To explore issues related to sexual harassment.

Evidence and reflection

Set out below are descriptive statements indicating incidents based on real events that have occurred in schools. These statements are grouped according to who is involved: children only; adults and children; adults only.

Consider the incidents described briefly here and discuss whether in your view any of them constitute sexual harassment. You might like to have to hand any definitions you can find for this term taken from dictionaries and policy documents. You could get together with a large group of staff for this discussion, in which case you will be able to cover all groups or, for a smaller group, you could instead select one or two.

  1. Children
  1. Adults
  1. Adults and children

Were you able to achieve consensus? Where were the major areas of discussion? Have you any examples from your own experience you could offer for discussion?

If you feel action is appropriate in any of these incidents, what would it be?


Children's awareness of sexuality - their own and others' - is an aspect of primary school life which is not much discussed or researched. Do your observations of children suggest that they are sexually aware? What is your reaction to this? Discuss with a colleague what view a primary school might take of this aspect of childhood.