To consider the use of non-statutory tests


To consider the use of non-statutory tests.

Evidence and reflection

Make a list of all the non-statutory tests you use with your pupils in the course of a year. For each test record (a) its supposed purpose (b) its actual use (c) the total time spent on the test – include pupils’ time in preparation and taking the test, your time in administration and marking, etc (d) a judgement about its validity and reliability (e) an overall judgement about its value and contribution to student learning.

If you are a trainee teacher elicit this information from your mentor or an experienced teacher, focusing on one term or one group of students if necessary to avoid overburdening your colleague.


Consider whether there are any better alternatives to one or more of the non-statutory tests currently being used. Could any of them be dropped completely? Discuss your evidence base and reflections with colleagues, and if appropriate take further action.