Using summative assessment information

Two useful booklets for helping to understand and use assessment and assessment data are:

•   Swaffield, S. and Dudley, P. (2010) Assessment Literacy for Wise Decisions: 3rd Edition, London: Association of Teachers and Lecturers.

•   Ofsted (2008) Using Data, Improving Schools, London: Ofsted. (Reading 14.4)

For a developed example of a national assessment system with strong alignment to curriculum objectives, see:

•   Scottish Government (2011) Principles of Assessment in Curriculum for Excellence.  Building the Curriculum 5.  A Framework for Assessment.  Edinburgh: Scottish Government.  (Reading 14.2)

For a principled guide to the ‘art’ of classroom assessment see:

•   Butt, G. (2011) Making Assessment Matter, London: Continuum. (Reading 14.3)

Some issues surrounding the increasingly important matter of international comparisons based on assessment data are identified in:

•   Sturman, L. (2012) ‘Making the best use of international comparison data’ Research Intelligence, 119, Autumn/Winter, 16-17. (Reading 14.6)