To assess our own feelings of competence in subject knowledge


To assess our own feelings of competence in subject knowledge.

Evidence and reflection

For the Key Stage in which you teach (or in which you intend to teach) consider the curriculum, subject by subject. Note which parts you feel competent to teach and which parts you feel uncertain about.

Prioritize your needs for developing subject knowledge and competence.

Share your feelings with a colleague – perhaps you are being too self‑critical, or too confident?


Consider the implications of your results. If you are a trainee teacher, what opportunities are there on your course for you to develop the subject knowledge that you need? If you are an experienced teacher, can you devise a practical programme for Continuing Professional Development? Can you find ways of co‑operating with colleagues in reciprocal support? Have you checked official websites (e.g. DFES, TTA) for some of the support that may be available?