To analyse the dynamics of group interaction


To analyse the dynamics of group interaction and consider how we could and should influence the dynamics of the group interaction.

Evidence and reflection

Tape-record (or video) a group discussion. General features can be monitored on the following schedule. 

1.  Composition of the group (eg: size, sex, ability)          

2.  Seating arrangement (draw diagram)               

3.  Was there a leader, or scribe?             

4.  Was this challenged?               

5.  Did anyone not participate? (How did the others respond?)  

6.  In what ways did the group collaborate?        

7.  Was help needed/requested?            

8.  What intervention was given?             

9.  In what ways was the task successful?            

10.  Did the group feel satisfied?              


Information gained from such schedules can help in the analysis of group interaction.  It can help in understanding the roles of the members and whether these change if the composition of the group changes.  Devising our own schedule can make us more aware of what we are aiming at.  It also provides a framework for action to develop the potential of the group.

Based on what you have observed what might you do in future to influence the dynamics of group interaction?