To investigate one’s classroom management skills


To investigate one’s classroom management skills.

Evidence and reflection

Ask a colleague to observe you in a teaching session and to make notes on the way in which you manage the children. They could watch out for examples of gaining attention, framing, withitness, overlapping, pacing, orchestration and maintaining consistency. Discuss the session together afterwards.

Alternatively, set up a video camera to record a session which you take. Analyse the playback in terms of the issues above.

Sometimes people only see what seems to be going wrong! If there is a danger that you are becoming negative about your management skills and judgements then adopt the ‘three to one rule’. This rule states that you can only identify one negative thing after you have identified three positives. When you run out of positives you have to stop. (This strategy also works with children who have been asked to evaluate their own work or that of others!)


Such analysis should increase self-awareness of management skills. Try to identify possible improvements which could be made. These can be practised and worked on. Give yourself time to develop your expertise.