To ‘measure’ overall classroom environment at a particular point of time


To ‘measure’ overall classroom environment at a particular point of time.


Each child will need a copy of the inventory below. As a class (or in a group) pupils should be asked to circle the answer which ‘best describes what their classroom is like’. The items could be read out in turn for simultaneous, but individual, responses. Scoring of answers can be done using the teacher’s column. ‘Yes’ scores 3 and ‘No’ scores 1 except where reversed scoring is indicated (R). Omitted or indecipherable answers are scored 2.

There are five scales, made up by adding various items, as follows:

Satisfaction (S)                   Items 1, 6, 11, 16, 21

Friction (F)                           Items 2, 7, 12, 17, 22

Competitiveness (CM)      Items 3, 8, 13, 18, 23

Difficulty (D)                        Items 4, 9, 14, 19, 24

Cohesiveness (CH)         Items 5, 10, 15, 20, 25


Mean scores for each scale will indicate the nature of the overall classroom climate and may raise issues for further consideration, particularly if repeated some time later. (It should be noted that the inventory reproduced here is a short form of a longer instrument and is not a reliable measure of the feelings of individuals.)

NAME …………………….

What describes your classroom?                                                                            Circle your answer

1      The pupils enjoy their school work in my class                                        Yes         No

2      Children are always fighting with each other                                             Yes        No

3      Children often race to see who can finish first                                          Yes        No

4      In our class the work is hard to do                                                               Yes        No

5      In my class everybody is my friend                                                               Yes        No

6      Some pupils are not happy in class                                                             Yes       No           

7      Some of the children in our class are mean                                               Yes       No

8      Most children want their work to be better than their friend’s                   Yes       No

9      Most children can do their schoolwork without help                                  Yes       No           

10   Some people in my class are not my friends                                               Yes      No          

11   Children seem to like the class                                                                      Yes       No

12   Many children in our class like to fight                                                           Yes       No

13   Some pupils feel bad when they don’t do as well as the others              Yes      No

14   Only the smart pupils can do their work                                                        Yes       No

15   All pupils in my class are close friends                                                         Yes       No

16   Some of the pupils don’t like the class                                                          Yes       No           

17   Certain pupils always want to have their own way                                      Yes        No

18   Some pupils always try to do better than others                                          Yes        No

19   Schoolwork is hard to do                                                                                  Yes        No

20   All of the pupils in my class like one another                                               Yes        No

21   The class is fun                                                                                                  Yes        No

22   Children in our class fight a lot                                                                       Yes        No

23   A few children in my class want to be first all of the time                          Yes         No

24   Most of the pupils in my class know how to do their work                        Yes         No