To map changes in educational ideologies


To map changes in educational ideologies.

Evidence and reflection

  1. Talk to an older colleague or somebody who has been involved in education for many years. Ask them to select a particular educational ideology that they believe to have undergone considerable re-evaluation, development and change. Remember that, in Reflective Teaching, we define 'ideology' as a 'way of thinking' or a 'set of beliefs or values'.
  1. Help this person to map out some of these shifts by noting them onto a timeline, commencing with their earliest understanding of the selected ideology and leading up to the present day. 
  1. Discuss some of the key influences that have brought about these changes, for example significant government legislation, and add these to the time line with an approximate idea of the date. An interesting example would be to consider shifts in values about diagnostic assessment - but you can probably think of many others. 


In discussion with others, what do you think are the major ideologies at present?