People and agency

The following suggestions develop further ideas about the roles, identities and influences of teachers:

Firstly two books discuss the impact of policy changes on school staff in primary schools:

Two books that celebrate the positive aspects of teaching especially against a background of current public criticism are:

We also recognise the increasing role of Learning Support Assistants and the following book gives LSAs a voice as they describe their pivotal work in a number of different classroom settings:

The following books will develop further insights into the social and cultural practices of children and their families, in relation to educational processes. Jensen and Mckee’s book researches family change from the child’s point of view, including, for example, the child’s role in major familial decisions such as divorce, and moving house. Roffey and Carpenter explore the issues for the partnership between school and parents with regard to the early stages of behavioural difficulty and in early intervention strategies for children with special needs and disabilities. Freebody and Austin explore school as a location in which social and cultural ideas about childhood are both defined and performed.

Three books which provide a more general background to understanding changes in the composition and practices of the contemporary family are:

Teachers of 'looked-after' children may find the following publication helpful. It compares policies and practices relating to children in care in six European countries:

A number of publications have emphasised the importance of creating the spaces and means to listen to children’s voices:

The employment status of teachers cannot be ignored:

A classic text by Aries demonstrates that the concept of childhood is constructed according to its historical context.

The following texts also provide a challenge to our assumptions about, and constructions of childhood. They incorporate a range of perspectives on the study of childhood, show how the concept of childhood is developing, discuss adult-child relations and examine contradictions in our attitudes to children and the impact of this on public policy.

There have been several publications examining the relationship between home and school and offering a critique of the rhetoric of partnership and its achievements and shortcomings in practice:

Books looking beyond families to social service provision include:

The following book by Garner and Clough takes a specific look at fathers' involvement in their sons' schooling:

A book, offering a particularly innovative analysis of the changing relationships between childhood, schooling and consumer culture is: