Learning processes

Reflective Teaching offers an account of three major approaches to the study and understanding of children’s learning – behaviourism, constructivism and social cognition. These ideas are often covered in most introductory texts on learning, however, direct study of original texts is always worthwhile and some suggestions are offered below:

For some classic behaviourist work see:

For Piaget’s classic constructivist work, see:

A comprehensive introduction to Piaget's work is:

However, for an important critique of Piagetian theory see:

Most theories of social cognition can be traced back to the work of Vygotsky:

Others, including Bruner, offer key insights into the significance of learners’ cultural and social contexts in influencing understanding:

Two important books with an emphasis on socio-cultural factors are those by Rogoff and Wenger. Wells and Claxton present international perspectives on the ideas and challenges raised by a socio-cultural perspective of learning, in a modern world that is characterised by complexity and uncertainty: