To find out children’s views on school


To find out children’s views on school.

Evidence and reflection

Children could be asked to write a story about their ideal school, or about what they would do if they were the head teacher at their school.

Alternatively you could construct a role play in which children engage in a series of planning meetings to create an ideal school. They could take on roles as representatives of different interest groups, e.g. parents, pupils, staff, head teacher. A fantasy context for this, e.g. a fictional planet, remote island or a futuristic setting will help the children to develop a more imaginative and idealised approach. After the role play you can then help them to link their plans back to the realities of their school life discussing the possibilities and limitations of their ideas.

With young children a play situation can be set up, with groups or with individuals, getting them to construct their ideal school with lego bricks and inviting them to comment. Incorporate figures as well as construction bricks.


Consider the pattern of ideas which emerges. Is there any consensus? What practical suggestions emerge? What implications do the children’s views have for us? How should we respond?