To explore one of the features of ‘growing up’


To explore one of the features of ‘growing up’: the multiple and sometimes contradictory expectations that different people have of children and young people.

Evidence and reflection

These issues can be explored through ‘picture maps’ about themselves. Pupils can draw or write about each perspective.

How my parent(s)                        How other members                                            How my teachers

see me                                          of my family see me                                              see me


                                                  MY OWN SENSE OF MYSELF


How my friends                           How the media                                                      How my classmates

see me                                         sees me                                                                  see me



The activity, as well as giving you insights into your pupils, may provide opportunities for discussion of how they could handle differing expectations of different people, and how it feels to feel uncertain of ‘who we are’. You may also be able to discuss who they wish to become … and are becoming.