Reflecting on teaching expertise

Consider the five dimensions of teaching expertise listed above. Identify at least one experienced, expert teacher in your institution and ask them if you can spend time observing one or more of their classes. Arrange a time to meet for coffee to talk through their views of the following five dimensions.

Questions for reflection:

  1. Can you see evidence of one or more of these five dimensions in their teaching? And/or in their approach to curriculum design?
  2. Ask your expert colleague(s) whether they would add or remove anything from the five dimensions above. Why? Why not?
  3. Use this discussion as the basis for considering your own journey from novice to expert teacher in higher education. Where would you place yourself on the novice–expert spectrum?
  4. Identify up to three areas in which you would like to develop further expertise and discuss with your colleague(s) strategies for developing expertise in these areas.