Developing a portfolio of your teaching achievements

Look at the following strategies for presenting a summary of your teaching achievements (adapted from Krause, 2012). Would this work for you? Consider how you might use or adapt this list of ideas to: a) summarize your achievements in preparation for writing your promotion application; b) include in your teaching portfolio (or equivalent).

     The following six areas are designed to give you ideas for documenting evidence in relation to your teaching practice. The relevance of these strategies for individual academic staff will vary according to such contextual factors as career stage and discipline.

Strategies for Success

1. Articulate your teaching philosophy

a. ‘The degree to which students are engaged with the subject material is fundamental to their effective learning. Participation and interactivity are principal agents in stimulating this engagement …’ In my teaching I seek to …’

b. ‘For the past decade my primary teaching goal has been to capture the educational potential of new technologies …’

2. Keep systematic records of your teaching, course reviews, leadership and service

3. Describe how you implement a student-centred approach to teaching

4. List examples of scholarship in your discipline and in learning and teaching

5. Outline innovations you have developed in your teaching

6. Describe examples of your leadership in learning and teaching

Final suggestions for presenting evidence of good teaching practice