Evaluating your modules and programmes

Consider the following programme evaluation rubric. How would you use or adapt this for your module and/or programme? Using this rubric as a guide, conduct a mini self-review and analyse the strengths of your current module/programme, along with areas for improvement.


Sample Rubric for Evaluating Academic Programmes

(source: IUPUI planning.iupui.edu/39.html Guidelines for Academic Programme Review at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis)

1. Stated goals and outcomes for the programme:

_____ Programme has developed a set of specific goals that are clearly identified

_____ Programme has developed a set of measureable outcomes that are linked to programme goals

_____ Programme has explained the purpose/significance and the linkages between goals and outcomes

_____ Programme has described the processes used for establishing its goals and outcomes



Explicit connection between the programme and institutions’ mission, vision, values, and diversity statements

_____ Programme has specific mission, vision, and values statements

_____ Programme has explained its commitment to diversity and inclusion

_____ Programme indicates how its mission, vision, values, and diversity/inclusion efforts are both derived from and aligned with those of the school and campus



3. Evidence of programme effectiveness, with a particular emphasis on assessment of student learning outcomes

_____ Programme identifies specific learning outcomes for students

_____ Programme has a documented process for assessing learning outcomes

_____ Programme provides evidence of its effectiveness, including student learning outcomes, using a variety of measures (relevant, direct, indirect, quantitative, and qualitative)

_____ Programme incorporates findings from its assessment process in ongoing continuous improvement efforts



4. Critical questions to which the programme is seeking answers or guidance from its programme reviewers

_____ Programme has developed specific questions for its programme reviewers

_____ Programme explains how these questions will facilitate improvement and planning efforts

_____ Programme questions are related to and draw from information contained in the self-study document

_____ Programme questions are written in a manner that can be understood and answered by members of the programme review team



5. Overall assessment of the programme’s strengths, areas for improvement, and plans for the future

_____ Programme identifies and describes its strengths

_____ Programme identifies and describes its areas for improvement

_____ Programme identifies and describes its plans for the future

_____ Programme establishes a linkage between information contained in the self-study document and its strengths, areas for improvement, and plans for the future



6. Evidence-based information organized in a logical, well-written manner

_____ Programme provides appropriate evidence to substantiate claims made in the self-study

_____ Programme uses appropriate evidence in describing activities and accomplishments

_____ Programme self-study is organized in a logical manner

_____ Programme self-study is written in a manner free from major spelling, grammar, and organization errors