15. Inclusion


The following texts will help you to scrutinize issues around dimensions of difference:

Reid, I. (1998) Class in Britain, Cambridge: Polity Press.

Sharp, R. and Green, A. (1975) Education and Social Control, London: Routledge and Kegan Paul.

Baldock, P. (2010) Understanding Cultural Diversity in the Early Years, London: Sage.

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Care, E., Denas, J., and Brown, R. (2007) ‘The realism and sex type of four- to five-year-old children’s occupational aspirations’, Journal of Early Childhood Research, 5(2), 155-168.

A fantastic book which details some of the recent research on 'what works' within ECEC especially if you are interested in narrowing the gap of disadvantage and teaching children with additional learning needs:

Pianta, R.C. (Ed.) Handbook of Early Childhood Education, London: Guildford Press.

Other useful books include:

Dare, A. and O'Donovan, M., (1997) Good Practice in Caring for Young Children with Special Needs (2nd edition), Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes.    

Flynn, H. and Starns, B. (2004) Protecting Children: Working together to keep children safe, Portsmouth: Heinemann.  

To supporting you to consider inclusion within your setting try:

Booth, T., Ainscow, M. and Kingston, D. (2006) Index for Inclusion, developing play, learning and participation in early years and childcare, Bristol: Centre for Studies in Inclusive Education.

The following links represent just a very small sample of those available providing special/additional needs support:

Autism – autism.org.uk
Down's syndrome – downs-syndrome.org.uk
Dyslexia – bdadyslexia.org.uk
Language development – ican.org.uk
Hearing impairment – elizabeth-foundation.org
Social, Emotional, Behavioural difficulties – sebda.org
Visual impairment – rnib.org.uk