To investigate your use of questioning within your setting


To investigate your use of questioning within your setting.

Evidence and reflection

You might wish to use the audio recording from Reflective activity 12.2 in Refelctive Teaching in Early Eaduction. Alternatively, create another audio-recording where you are working with a child or children, either on a one-to-one basis, in a small group, or during a whole-class episode of teaching and learning. Analyse the recording using the following questions:

1    What types of questions did I use to support the child’s/children’s learning?

2    What did the children learn; how, and why?

3    How did I extend thinking/learning?

4    Which specific questioning techniques did I use?


What are the implications for your use of questioning in your future practice? Do you need to focus on the types of question you ask and incorporate them within your planning? How will you target specific children to ensure you are asking them the ‘right’ questions?