To reflect from a learner’s perspective on aspects of pedagogy


To reflect from a learner’s perspective on aspects of pedagogy.

Read the following excerpt.

Mohammed is painting a Mother’s day card. Practitioner Katie stands up with Mohammed’s picture and begins to walk to the door.

Katie: I’m just going to show this to Sarah.

Mohammed: I don’t want you to.

Katie: Well I really wanted to show her so she will see how good it is and then she’ll do one. OK. Thanks.

Mohammed nods rather reluctantly as Katie leaves the room.

Katie: Sarah, look at this great picture Mohammed has done for his mum. Would you like to come and do one please, its Mother’s day on Sunday and you’ll want to give mum a card.

Sarah: Er, we’re just playing. [points]

Katie: Well if you come and do this now with me you can come and play that again later.

Evidence and reflection

This short excerpt depicts a common issue. Children are experiencing free play and we are working to support their development as independent thinkers and have respect for their wishes. Then, in the rush of a busy day, we ask a child to do something so that every child has a card or picture for a particular occasion. Note how this behaviour fits with or clashes with your pedagogic practice. What action would have been more appropriate? How could similar behaviours be avoided in the future?


Consider the challenges of how you would like to act in practice and when the situation challenges you. Consider how you might go about putting support in place so that you feel enabled to act as you would wish to.