To reflect on one child’s behaviour and their needs


To reflect on one child’s behaviour and their needs

Evidence and reflection

Identify a child within your group to observe. Perhaps you may wish to focus your attention on a child whose behaviour has been causing you concern. Identify:

Carry out short observations, maximum 15 minutes, of the child in the following contexts.

You could use the observation guides found at and the guidance on observations provided in Chapter 10.

Write down exactly what you see and hear. A useful way to help with this is to imagine that you are describing the situation for someone at the other end of a telephone. This often takes practice so don’t be concerned if at first you find this tricky!

Which of the above characteristics of well-being, suggested by Laevers, can you identify within the observations you have made? Are there any causes for concern?


Discuss your findings with a colleague. Do these observations raise any issues which need further consideration? Do the needs of the child, specifically in terms of well-being, appear to be being met? Are further observations required?