To reflect on how you convey behaviours which are and are not acceptable in certain circumstances


To reflect on how you convey to children the behaviours which are and are not acceptable in particular circumstances.

Evidence and reflection

Consider one particular aspect of behaviour – for example, Shouting out
In what situations do you think is it acceptable to shout out?
When is it not acceptable to shout out?
How do children know what acceptable behaviour is?
How do they learn this?
How do we teach them?
Record some thoughts on the above questions and share your ideas with another student or colleague. Again, compare and contrast the similarities and differences in your answers.

Reflection on this seemingly straightforward aspect of behaviour management is a good starting point for a consideration of how children can be made aware of the rules and the expectations of the adults in the setting. Sometimes when we break things down to their small parts in this way, we realize that the rules and our expectations may not be as clear to the children as we had first thought.