4. Principles


For more the TLRP research see:

James, M. and Pollard. A. (2006) Improving Teaching and Learning in Schools, London: Teaching and Learning Research Programme. (Available at www.tlrp.org)

For an extended academic review of the principles and international commentaries see:

James, M. and Pollard, A. (2012) Principles for Effective Pedagogy. International Responses to Evidence from the UK Teaching and Learning Research Programme, London: Routledge.

On and what is needed in ECEC in countries wishing to improve children's lives and future prospects see Starting Strong III:


For those wishing to consider the quality of practice in their own setting we recommend:

Siraj, I., Kingston, D., and Melhuish, E. (2015) Assessing Quality in early Childhood Education and Care: Sustained shared thinking and emotional well-being (SSTEW) for 2-5 year-olds provision, London: Trentham Books.

Diagrams and figures