To deepen your understanding of a child


To deepen your understanding of a child.

Evidence and reflection

Take an interest in a child’s general behaviour. Consider how they interact with other children and how they tackle learning tasks. Refer to the characteristics of effective learning or other materials such as those developed by Hattie or Dweck.
Where possible, present open‑ended opportunities where the child can write, draw, talk or otherwise communicate about herself or himself. Discussions about friends, experiences, family or about favourite books or TV characters can be revealing. Make notes. Discuss the child with parents and other practitioners ask them to provide information on the family, photographs of special people, occasions or toys. Where possible, discuss the child’s own perception of their individual needs with them. Summarize what you have learned.


Consider what implications your new understanding has for shaping the provision that is appropriate for that child. In addition, consider how this deeper understanding has supported your understanding of the child and their behaviours.