To consider the idea of transformations when preparing to teach


To consider the idea of transformations when preparing to teach.


For a particular session or series of sessions focus specifically on what you know about the area of knowledge and what you want your students to learn about the area. 

How do you represent your personal understanding of this knowledge? How might you make it meaningful to your students?  Consider some ways in which you might transform the content.  How might you introduce ideas/concepts/principles? How can you best move students from what is known or familiar to new knowledge?  Are there any strategies, activities or tasks which seem particularly appropriate? What makes you think they will work? Are there parts of the learning where students may misunderstand or be misled? How might you avoid this?  What language will you use? How will you approach any subject-spescialist language?

If possible discuss your ideas for transformations with a colleague.    

Teach the sessions and try out your transformations.  How did they work?