Self-assessing the extent of student engagement in your courses

Choose a module, course or programme for which you have some responsibility for curriculum design. Now consider the level of student involvement you have enabled within this particular course (we will use the term ‘course’ to denote whatever you have chosen to reflect on):

Not involved at all
2 3 4 5
Lots of involvement
1. Input into knowledge content of the curriculum             
2. Input into the design of learning activities in the curriculum          
3. Input into the design of the assessment methods          
4. Input into the production of assessment criteria          
5. Involvement in processes of research or enquiry as part of the course          
6. Involvement in evaluation of the course for future development          
7. Involvement in decisions about the future development of the course          

Looking at your responses above, are there areas in which you would like to increase student input and, if so, how might you do this?