Congruence between learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities and assessment methods

This activity can be undertaken for review of an existing course module or design of a future module. You may find the grid in Figure 9.1 helpful for this exercise.

Consider a module for which you have responsibility for. Starting with the learning outcomes, write down what it is the student should be able to do at the end of the module.

Next, consider how it is you plan to assess these learning outcomes – or, in the case of redesign, how do you currently assess the learning outcomes?

Finally, write down the all planned teaching and learning activities the students will engage in, for example lectures, practical activities, readings.

Taking each learning outcome in turn, map the teaching and learning activities that best support the achievement of that learning outcome and the assessments that will allow students to demonstrate their achievement.

Looking at your completed grid:

You may find that there are adjustments you can make to the design of your module that will better support the students in their learning, or make space in the curriculum for other activities or learning outcomes