Structuring and planning your teaching

For a topic you plan to teach, think about how the knowledge might be presented and how teaching might be sequenced. Using your pedagogic subject knowledge and understanding of your learners, what steps or ‘chunks’ might you plan for?

Identify possible tasks and activities. Experiment with the scheduling of activities to arrive at your first draft plan.

Examine the structure you are considering and identify where there will be teacher input and learner activity. What does the balance look like? Where are the opportunities for interaction?

Think about the ways in which your selection provides for progression, differentiation and inclusion.

Think about time. How many sessions will you need? Have you got enough? How does the programme divide into lessons? Will you need to keep learners together or is it possible to plan for fast and slow tracks?

Identify the elements of your proposed curriculum that are likely to be seen as highlights by the learners. Do they come at appropriate places?

Are there opportunities for you to take stock with the learners to share what has been achieved, what is working well and what barriers they are encountering?

Revise your programme as necessary.

Follow up

Keep structure under review as you plan. Make it a focus of your evaluation and adjust your planning accordingly.