15. Inclusion


​Inclusive practice


Inclusion and diversity is now an essential element in everyday teaching. Understanding the needs of our learners ensures that all students have the right and appropriate tools/support in which to learn.  The collection of papers below explore these issues from multiple perspectives:

A collection of papers with a far reaching spectrum of focuses around inclusion including adults with special education needs, promoting citizenship, social exclusion etc.

Jackson, A, Jones, D, Eds (2000) Researching "Inclusion." Papers From The Annual Conference Of The Standing Conference On University Teaching And Research In The Education Of Adults (30Th, Nottingham, England, July 3-5, 2000), n.p.: ERIC, EBSCOhost. [available at: http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED448335.pdf ]

Study support tutors in colleges and universities; Master's level Special and Inclusive Education programmes; dyslexia-focused Master's level programmes.

Pavey, B. Meeham, M. & Waugh, A. (2010) Dyslexia Friendly Further and Higher Education. London: Sage Publications Ltd

Research Briefings