Using learning resources in your teaching

Think about an aspect of your practice such as your use of learning resources. How do your students respond to these? How actively engaged are they when you use them? If possible, discuss with your colleagues how these resources are used in your setting and identify if there are any unintended consequences from their use.

You might like to discuss your assumptions about the benefits and difficulties in using certain resources such as downloadable PowerPoint and course material, or whether other resources present challenges such as handouts, models or artefacts that are not easily transported to community settings.

What assumptions are you making about the reason for using such resources? What underlying rationale is there for using the resources as you do? Are there, for example, set materials that all staff must use on a particular course or programme? Why do these have to be aligned to a set format? Is there trust in your own professional standards or does your institution adopt a quality control approach to these materials? If so, why?